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I need some help thinking this through and was hoping someone here could offer some insight. :)




This is very much a work in progress. Many thanks to Ben for helping me with the stones image at the bottom! :)


Okay, I want to move the stones up so that they start about 10-20 pixels below where you see "Hello World." So, I want it behind the content container. But I'm unsure how to do this since I already have a background image on the body.



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I didn't even think of adding it to the #wrap. Thanks, Ben. :) I have it where I want it, but on short pages like this one, it doesn't stay at the bottom of the screen. Wonder what I can do about that.


Edit to add: Actually, it's positioned where I want it on the short pages (but needs to extend to the bottom of the browser). On longer pages, it's too low.

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Hmm. Actually, I remember thinking this would be a problem, and forgot to mention it... Ultimately, you really can't control exactly where that image falls, since the content length would change per page. I would probably place it in a div with 100% height (see http://www.dave-woods.co.uk/?p=144 for an example) and have the image anchored to the bottom of the browser. Adjust the bottom padding on #wrap to optimize for long pages, and the background image will just display at the bottom of the browser on short pages.

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Use the following CSS:


html, body, #wrap { height: 100%; }


and remove the bottom padding on #wrap. Only tested on Firefox as only Firebug allows live editing :(


I tried this, but it doesn't work on the longer pages.


Ben, thanks for the link, but I can't get that to work either.


I'll be back!

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