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I read this article (http://www.killersites.com/webDesignersHandbook/emailObscucator.htm) online and started to make these code changes on my website.


I use Microsoft Expression Web as my editor and when i type "@" and then choose to formet the document (using REFORMAT HTML) it replaces "@" with "@"


Does anyone have a suggestion how i can still use the function of reformatting and not lose the code "@"?


Or is there a better method to make an email address antispam?


Thank you,


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I use Microsoft Expression Web as my editor and when i type & # 6 4 ; and then choose to formet the document (using REFORMAT HTML) it replaces & # 6 4 ; with "@"


I haven't got Expression Web so I don't know exactly what happens when you use Reformat HTML but if you use a simple editor like Notepad you type & # 6 4 ; (without spaces) and then save like that. Viewed in Notepad you still see & # 6 4 ; but when you view the HTML page, locally or online, you see @ and the email program processes it as @.


So my question is, why do you have to use reformat HTML?


As a matter of interest, has anyone used this method in the Killersites tutorial that substitutes the & # 6 4 ; for @ as I'm not confident about it. Why can't a spambot computer just compute & # 6 4 ; as @ and send an email?


I used a javascript obfuscation in my early websites (not the one in the Killersites tutorial) and never knowing had spam and now I use a PHP form, but the @ method looks simple and I'd like to know if it really is safe.

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What you are talking about is the character encoding for symbols. Reformating the HTML via Expression Web will rewrite the code to show the @ sybmol. The way to avoid this is to use php or asp includes. If you are not using php or asp then you will have to manual replace the @ symbol with the character codes.


@Wickham: Spam bots looks for the actual "@" symbol within the html code. If they see the character code instead it will just ignore it and move on to somewhere else. Today's spam bots are not like the ones back in the stone-age.


It's like that movie "Independence Day" where the world had lost their satellite communications and so in order to coordinate a massive military strike on the aliens they used morse code.


Sometimes old tech never dies. :)

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There are some basic tutorials on this site that you might want to go over if you have never coded php before. Keep in mind that the web page will need to be saved with a .php extension instead of .html (or .htm).


In a nutshell, it would look something like this:


<p>Need help? <?php include("email.php"); ?></p>


And the include file will have this:


<a href="mailto:character coded email address here">Contact us!</a>

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