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When you say a "sign up" form, what does that do exactly? create a user account (with login, password protected area, ability to reset passwords, etc?) or is it more of a contact form that simply emails you who has paid?


Sounds like you have a couple options... You could try to build it on your own using PHP and a database (there are videos within the KillerSites University on creating a password protected login system, and if you use PayPal the shopping cart series talks about that) or you could try to use something that is prebuilt like Wordpress or similar... It's partially dependent on your needs and what payment processor is handling payments.


And, I suppose, there is always the option of hiring a web developer who knows what they are doing to do it. If you have no/little PHP experience, I would be hesitant to build out a system that handles payment processing due to the potential security issues involved.

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