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    Email Confirmation

    Fixed it. I added $email = '$email'; to the top of the form and $success = mail($email, $interest, $body, $headers); to the bottom. <?php /* subject & email veriables */ $webMaster = 'dgow@simplewebs13.com'; $email = '$email'; /* date veriables */ $name = $_REQUEST['name']; $email = $_REQUEST['email']; $phone = $_REQUEST['phone']; $interest = $_REQUEST['interest']; $date = $_REQUEST['date']; $message = $_REQUEST['message']; $body = <<<EOD <table width="500"> <tr><td> Point Blank CHL Class Registration Confirmation <td><tr> </table>
  2. dgow13

    Email Confirmation

    I actually left out the question, sorry. Need help adding the confirmation email to this script.
  3. dgow13

    Email Confirmation

    I have an email form that I have used for awhile. The php process page sends the form data to whoever is listed in the webmaster email. It work fine. I need to add a confirmation email within the script so that whoever fills out the form. Any suggestions? Here is the register.process.php script. <?php /* subject & email veriables */ $webMaster = 'dgow@simplewebs13.com'; /* date veriables */ $name = $_REQUEST['name']; $email = $_REQUEST['email']; $phone = $_REQUEST['phone']; $interest = $_REQUEST['interest']; $date = $_REQUEST['date']; $message = $_REQUEST['message']; $body = <
  4. I googled and also searched EW and was able to locate in EW site settings that i needed to change the php view path to: C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.0\php-cgi.exe. They do not tell you this. You're on your own. After reconfiguring settings in EW I saved my file, clicked to view page in localhost and got this message: Connection successful Welcome to MySQL database testing page. I had to use the password after "localhost','root','password' for it to work. I changed 'root' to 'roota' as he did in the video and got the correct error message.
  5. I always have the websites and files in my "My Websites" folders whether they're html of php. The problem with selecting a version of PHP... it doesn't give me any options at all. Also, when I click ok without choosing anything it connects me to Microsoft Expression Development Server, localhost 5595. Then when I click on the phpmyadmin I get an error message and I am locked out. It isn't even the same phpmyadmin where i have all my databases at.
  6. When you open up your wampserver home page do you have files in the "Your Project" area? I do not. I created a new site called php demo. I installed the code and tried to open up the localhost. I get a window that pops up saying: "you need to select a version of PHP in the application option dialog. I click on it and I have no idea what to choose. I am about ready to call it quits. things shouldn't be this hard for me to understand.
  7. Yes. When i click on the localhost from within the wampserver menu, it opens up the wampserver homepage
  8. I opened up a new php page to follow along with the tutorial. I then installed wamp (tried to follow the video instructions but what he did and what my options were while instralling it, were not the same). wamp says all the services are running but when you hover over the icon it says it is off line. When I open up the page in the localhost it says: "Welcome to my MySQL database connection test page." Whwn I open it up online, after uploading it, it says: Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/
  9. I am watching some of the videos of PHP and MySQL: Connecting. I have been watching video part 3 for over an hours now, typing in everything just as he does on the screen, multiple times, without the same success. I am placing the code below if someone would like to help. <head> <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" /> <title>Untitled 1</title> <?php $my_connection = mysql_connect('localhost', 'root', ''); if (!$my_connection) { die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error()); } echo 'Connection successful' . '&l
  10. We are going to use PayPal to handle the payment processing. I have the form and the database built so far. I am working out the bugs. I am hesitant to send you a link on this forum.
  11. I have the design / layout that I want but, nothing else. I set it up like I would a contact form just to see what the layout would look like.
  12. I'm using EW4. I want to have new members create a new account and then make their payment before their confirmation email is sent to them. Where should i start?
  13. dgow13

    Email client

    Thanks. I am looking at Vertical Response to send them out. It is between $10.00 & $30.00 per month, depending on the quantity you send. I was just checking to see all my options before I committed to a program. Thanks again.
  14. dgow13

    Email client

    I'm not sure this is even the forum for something like this but, I am wanting to send out an email design to try to create more business... pick up new clients. I used Exp Design to create the graphic and then inserted it into my email as part of a signature. Is there a way to send these emails out in mass without signing up for a service?
  15. Moved here about 12 yrs ago to be closer to my wife's parents... not my first choice. We came from the west coast area. I originally built my site before I started learning css, php, flash and now jquery. I am trying to clean up and reorganize while learning new things and building clients websites. Not enough time in the day to finish everything. The flash file included the text when I first built it but, then I removed it and kept the size... putting the text over it. I can resize the flash but I wanted to try and find a solution to this ie problem. It appears there are more than jus
  16. I did and still doesn't work. Like I said, I can see it load but, then it goes away. Any other suggestion? I'll try anything.
  17. I inserted a swf file into a web page and then placed text over part of it. I then used the wmode=opaque so the text would say on top of the flash file. In firefox and google chrome it shows up fine but, in ie the text is hidden. I can see the text load but then goes away. Why?
  18. Thanks. I figured it out. On Apache I have to add this text "AddType application/x-http-php .html .moo .htm" in the .htaccess file for the domain I am working on. I was then able to include a php page in a div on the home page. Worked just fine. The tutorial on includes was great... you learn something new every day.
  19. Is it possible to insert a php include into a .html page? I have no problem inserting it into a .php page and having it work just fine.
  20. Thanks... once again. Went to the 2nd link, viewed the tutorial and now I have it working. Very easy to customize it to what I need.
  21. I want to create 3 or 4 tabs within a web page that have different text or images in each section. When rolled over or clicked it displays that info without leaving the page. Are there any tutorials on this subject, and if so, can someone point me in the right direction?
  22. I figured out how to do the coding. This is how it ended up working. <?php //php form data to email code// $toName = $_REQUEST['toName']; $toEmail = $_REQUEST['toEmail']; $fromName = $_REQUEST['fromName']; $fromEmail = $_REQUEST['fromEmail']; $occasion = $_REQUEST['occasion']; $message = $_REQUEST['message']; $headers = "From: $fromEmail\r\nContent-type: text/html"; $email_message = "To: {$toName}<br /><br />From: {$fromName}<br />Senders Email: {$fromEmail}<br /><br />Occasion: {$occasion}<br /><br />{$message}<
  23. Ecard page: <div class="ecard_form" style="left: 500px; top: 350px"> <form method="post" action="ecard_thankyou.php" id="ecard_form"> <span class="text_smOlive">To:<br /> </span> <input name="toName" style="width: 250px" type="text" class="text_smOlive" class="required" /> <span class="text_smOlive"><br /> <br /> Recipients Email:<br /> </span> <input name="toEmail" style="width: 250px" type="text" class="text_smOlive" class="required email" /> <span class="text_smOlive"><
  24. No, it is not working. Everything sends except the image. Can't figure out the code and where everything goes.
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