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I'm not sure this is even the forum for something like this but, I am wanting to send out an email design to try to create more business... pick up new clients. I used Exp Design to create the graphic and then inserted it into my email as part of a signature. Is there a way to send these emails out in mass without signing up for a service?

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Not really. Your host (where you have your domain hosted) may allow so many outgoing emails per hour/day but I would never risk it because the last thing you want is to get black listed.


Unless you just have only a few subscribers I would use services like Campaign Monitor or MailChimp (google them). I believe some will allow a certain amount of outgoing emails without a fee.

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I would look at MailChimp: http://www.mailchimp.com/pricing


They have a free account that is good for 0-1000 email subscribers, and you can send up to 6000 emails a month. Beyond that, they have various monthly plans, or a "pay as you go" option if you don't send out many emails but pass the limits of the free account.

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