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problem using layer mask! Please help!


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I have watched and re watched the video "adding pictures" in the photoshop tutorial video.

My problem is that the steps are not working for me!

I am working with Photoshop CS3 on my MacBook pro.

Here's what I am doing...

1. I have a colored box (green) as a placeholder, this is the exact area I want my image to fit into.

2. I drag an opened image into the photoshop document I am working with.

3. I click on the shape while holding command. The shape does get the walking ants.

4. I then click on the image I want to go in the colored box.

5. I click layer mask.

6. My image disappears but the colored box remains the same color minus the marching ants!


I don't know how to add an image any other way to fit into my placeholder boxes! Please help, any advice much appreciated!

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I haven't watched that particular video, but here is how I usually do it:


-- open Photoshop, open my document

-- create a placeholder layer where I want my content to go

-- on that layer, I create an box or shape where I want my image to fit

-- drag an image into my document, move the layer so that it is the layer above my placeholder layer, position it above my placeholder layer in roughly the correct position where I want it to appear

-- right click on the new layer, select "Create Clipping Mask"

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Hi Falken Creative,

I was able to use the clipping mask to add two images. However they do not show up entirely as I have to move them around and so bits are left out. Do you know how I can add an image and keep the image dimensions? I just want the image to fit exactly into the placeholder. Do you know another way that I can do this? I wish I could get it to work like the video!

Thanks again!

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