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New client - new question? Ecommerce/shopping carts?

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Ecommerce/shopping carts? I haven't even gone googling yet - I know there's a million to choose from. Do you guys have any favorites? No CMS's though. :)


CSS-Tricks swears by this one http://www.foxycart.com/ and here is the video http://css-tricks.com/video-screencasts/45-using-foxycart-for-ecommerce/ do you know of any better ones? Thanks!

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I just took a quick look at that video about foxycart and then remembered that I *have* looked at that one! lol Duh @ me. Anyway, one of my clients was insistent upon not using a cart with a monthly fee, so foxycart and e-junkie were out. I used Cube Cart for that one. I am just a cart newbie, but I sure hated working with that one. Maybe it was just me, though. Anyway, it doesn't sound like they need anything very big and complicated. Foxycart or e-junkie might be the ticket.

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Yeah, he doesn't mind paying a few for the monthly charge. :) I just watched the whole 29min video on foxycart and it seems comparatively very easy to setup. So for now I'll just focus on that one I guess. What's his name - Chris? Over at CSS-Tricks says he's worked with them all, like Pinnacle cart, etc, and he says foxy is the best. So maybe I should just take his word for it and leave it at that...

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There's a very good article that I'm still currently reading...




I'm mildly interested myself, mostly because this, I believe, is where the real bucks are made. It would be nice if I could manage to do this myself, but there are other more important gaps in my knowledge that need filling.



...So far, I'm most impressed with http:// www. mals-e.com/ (remove spaces). This service is free, and really only for non heavy weight users, though they can cater for other requirements.


I've been reading about PayPal, and the process of taking a visitor from your site, via a payment button, and then being presented with a somewhat confusing payment page. Not sure what the big deal is with Google's Checkout system, and not making their contact support page more visible?


Anyway, Mal's, the first one allows you to place your own logo on their payment processing page.


After this, it can get a bit risky, especially if you've got to be responsible for security. Still looks interesting though. :)

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Guest fdisale

My favorite e commerce solution is Paypal that integrates basic shopping cart functions with a payment gateway and merchant account - payment is paid to you through check or direct deposit. Paypal is a great way to start in ecommerce and is very widely accepted world wide.




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