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Facebook "Like" Button/Comment Box Issue

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I am having trouble trying to get this Like button to overlay within it's container. You can check the issue here: http://www.activewearusa.com/store/pc/Margarita-Activewear-Pants-51064-51p2079.htm


You will find the Like button to the right column just below the Add to Wishlist button. It appears fine as you can see but once you click on that Like button (and sign in if so required) the comment box should appear but it's underlaying within that tannish box cutting off that comment box.


Currently the container has a position relative and that the Like button iframe has a div wrapped around it with a position absolute and z-index of 20000 but it still doesn't resolve my problem.


Any suggestion on how to resolve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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I have since resolved this issue. It's apparent that the layer control doesn't really do much good when contained within a table cell thus cutting it off at the cell's edge. I basically took the FB button out of the cell, wrapped a div around the table and applied the button to just before the end of the closing div right after the table cell.




I know nothing about FB and so I cannot answer your question. I just have to get it to work that's all.

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I pondered adding a like button to my site. But from what I could gather that like button does not come back as likes to your facebook page - only likes on that individual webpage. Is that how you find it to be?


That's correct, Eric. It shows up in someone's Facebook news feed that they "like" a website/web page. But it does not add them as a "Fan" to the company's Fan page.

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