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OK, now this is not a CSS program per say, but most colors definitions are done with CSS so I thought this the best place.


Kuler is a Adobe Flex app created to help your find the right colors for your site. It was adopted by Adobe and now resides on their site. Basically you can go, choose a color palette you like. You can go and create your own with all shades in between, you can publicly make your palette available or use those of others. It is a really sharp tool and well worth checking out hence making it a sticky until we finish reorganizing. It is however Flash based. It also requires Adobe Air (damn fine tool to have installed anyways, excellant for RIAs, both online apps and desktop apps online or offline) and with the Adobe Media Player you can access tutorials for using it over Adobe TV which has excellent video tutorials on Adobe products that can be downloaded and placed in the media center favorites for repeated use.


It also needs Adobe web site Registration, this is free and if you already are registered with Adobe, you are good to go.


Once in, choose any color scheme and it will show you the values in CMYK, RBG, Hex... you name it, just copy it to your CSS. You can also modify the colors using the color wheel on top or the sliders below the colors to tweak them to your needs.


This thing is to handy to miss. Flex is growing on me.

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Might also mention that the new CS4 programs come with a fully integrated kuler tool that reacts just like the website. With the added bonus of clicking on a color pallet and adding it to your swatches instantly. I love it!

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