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To be honest? I never heard of most of it and they seem to be gadgets more than anything.


BBedit is good I have used it.


The CSS Compression programs seems like a joke, CSS sheets are so small it is of no use and makes the code almost impossible to edit, same with HTML Compression tools.


Unless Web Monkey has been seriously updated, it was out of date 7 years ago enough to have been useless then and has long since not been suggested by folks.


Markup Generator? I would be willing to bet it's mark up is wrong making it useless. The fact that they suggest XHTML suggests that it will be HTML simply called XHTML but not. But I have not used it, hand coding is always better code. In general other such tools in my experience do not give you "Real XHTML"


List-o-Matic is a classic, it is always useful.


I can't comment at all about all the JQuery and AJAX stuff.

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