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Changing cursor to magnifier with Jquery


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I am having difficulty getting the cursor to turn into a magnifier in both Mozilla and Webkit browsers. In the js file, I have this line

cursorcss: 'url(magnify.cur), -moz-zoom-in', //Value for CSS's 'cursor' attribute, added to original image


which works fine with Firefox, however if I do this, neither of them work.

cursorcss: 'url(magnify.cur), -webkit-zoom-in, -moz-zoom-in', //Value for CSS's 'cursor' attribute, added to original image


I can only get one or the other to work, not both at the same time.


I also tried adding this into the html file

 <script type="text/javascript">
$("img").css('cursor', function() {
            if (jQuery.browser.mozilla) {
               return '-moz-zoom-in';
           else if (jQuery.browser.webkit) {
               return '-webkit-zoom-in';
           else {
              return 'pointer'; 

but that did not work with either of the browsers.


Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong.

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Just guessing here but doesn't this require that the user have the zoom icon as part of their desktop settings in order for it to work?


Update...ok I see what you are doing. It does work but just not both. As Rosanna Anna Danna would say..."NEVERMIND!"

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