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Firefox 3.6.7 display frames problem?


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I have a webpage that uses frames (for amazon links) which has always displayed correctly.

With the latest FF update to 3.6.7, the frames do not show. Still displays correctly in IE 6, 7 and 8 and page validates correctly.

The frames were floated to the left of the text. Space is still there but no content.


Any thoughts?

Site is ww w.irish type3dna.org/Bo oks.php (remove spaces)

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Doing some hunting around on other forums I found a reference to Adblock addon blocking frames.

Sure enough, it was Adblock stopping the Amazon frames from displaying. Update to FF3.6.7 must have reset my options.


Cheers ... happy man again!

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LOL Nice avatar... from the Ah-ha video is it not? Sort of marks your age... er... um... our age. biggrin.gif

Avatar is from a drawing in a 1980s Classic Bike mag:-

"Classic Motorcycling Legends" #12, p11, an article called "When I was a Lad" of a group of Rockers.

I ride a 1961 Triumph Bonneville (as depicted) that I restored in 1986. My other passion :)

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