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Where to start?


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I need some help with a website im creating but I don’t have the funding for it. R15-20,000 to do all the coding etc etc


So I thought maybe I could teach myself to code and create this website. I already have the site up but I still need the following:


Member base



And…well…okay that seems to be it.


But as I’ve heard these two can be pretty daunting.


Basically I want the people to click on my site and if they want to join they click on subscribe and you go to a page that asks you for your details


Name,number,password,bank details & pin code,website and so forth.


This then creates a profile page with the information and a space for 5 images (This displays their “work”)


The inbox is so that people (clients) can mail them if they are interested in their work.


So any idea where I can start because I sure as heck don’t have the money for this.


Thanks for the input guys,im pretty much a big noob at this. At least I know some photoshop...

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To succeed with this you should read and learn the following things:


Processing forms with PHP.

PHP with MySQL

MySQL ( namely creating databases and table design)

PHP with MySQL security

Writing secure php code, avoiding code injection.

Creating dynamic sites with PHP, as you would like to create personal pages on the fly generated and filled using PHP+MySQL

Creating a loginsystem with PHP+MySQL

Creating a secure user auth sessions

As a start then there are tons of other topics that could be good to cover to ensure the system you build is safe, secure and well functional.



Or you could search for already coded solutions then costumize them to meet your needs, check out phpclasses.org or similar sites to prevent reinventing the wheel 100 times during your process. Or if you want to seriously learn and utlize the knowledge in your future business it could be wise to actually reinvent the wheel in the sense of learning. The tutorials found on this site is a good first step into that direction.

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One thing I thought I should mention... besides the issues with designing/coding the site, make sure you are starting with a good idea. It doesn't have to necessarily be a totally unique idea, but it does need to have something that sets itself apart from the competition.


Make sure you can answer the question "how is my service different from ___" (for example, DeviantArt, behance.net, coroflot.com, carbonmade.com). There's a lot of competition in the online portfolio area, and you don't want to spend a large amount of time or money on something that doesn't have a good idea behind it and may not attract any users.


KillerSites does have quote a few tutorials covering PHP and MySQL to get you started. Take a look at http://www.killerphp.com and the PHP section within http://www.killersites.com/university.

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