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Guest Edison Jones

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Guest Edison Jones

Hi friends,


Please review my new site ebul bstore.com (remove space). [Keyword Detail Removed] also post your opinion about this site's layout, design...........

Thanks in advanced


Edited by Andrea
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Incomplete doctype, 68 validation errors, and tables misused for layout. YIKES!!!


And why would you add the W3C XHTML validation icon to a non-validating HTML site?

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I like the site. Very fresh and clean. Don't like the product though - those eco bulbs have mercury in them which are not good for your brain or the environment when you dispose of them. They shouldn't be allowed to be called eco bulbs as mercury is a well known neuro toxin. But the site is great.

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Don't know about the mercury issue, but your site is quite clean looking.


Just a personal observation; I don't particularly like the pure white background, Perhaps a soft gray or beige instead?


Do listen to Andrea though! She has nailed me (and others!) before on format issues. She knows what she is talking about.


Tables for layout is "old stuff". Learn and use CSS instead!


All best wishes!



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