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phpMyAdmin on Windows server


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I have a client who has a Windows server hosting plan. He doesn't really use any ASP on his site or any feature related to this platform. Now he want's me to build a new site for him but I am used to the Linux platform. I don't know if it's possible to install phpMyAdmin on this server, but I know it supports php.


Or, maybe I'm confused... maybe you don't NEED phpMyAdmin to be installed on the remote server in order to use it.


Is it recommended to use phpMyAdmin with a Windows server? or should I suggest my client to change into a linux platform? His server supports both Linux and Windows.



Thank you,



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create what you have to create in phpmyadmin locally on your development server, upload it to the site, export the databases and you are ready to go.

I would not recommend developing on the clients site where he will host the site, as there is always the possibility of leaving crap behind that could potentially put the whole site at risk of being taken down by a nosy prick.

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You can have your host install PHP that will run on the windows server. You can then run both asp and php. Of course this is dependent on the host because not all host offers it. Also, it can work well for one host but not so well for another. You just need to check with the host.


Otherwise, if the client has no use for asp then by all means convince them to move it over to a linux.

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Thank you Krillz and Newseed.


I've found two solutions:


1- Use navicat to manage all DB and mysql connections from my computer

2- Install XAMPP and use phpMyAdmin as a test erver and then upload the files with the correct login, password, etc.


Both are very useful.


As for the client, he is my uncle. And he is very stuburn about his beloved host. I'll try to convince him to change into Linux for security reasons...






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