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Typography Drop-Shadow


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I believe this topic may have been discussed before, but after a diligent search I have not found an answer.


How do I add a drop-shadow to a heading? I know I can do it in a graphics program like PhotoShop, but that negates the value of a <h1> header!


I suspect the answer is: "you don't with current CSS!"





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The answer is "you can't with current CSS". It is part of CSS3, but not all browsers support it yet. Firefox/Safari/Opera/Chrome do, but as far as I know IE doesn't (even IE8).





My personal opinion is that you can use this, as long as it is intended to be a minor effect. If your text requires the drop shadow in order to be readable, I wouldn't use this (since obviously IE users won't be able to read it).


Otherwise, you're stuck with using an image within an h1 tag, and using either alt/title tags on that image. I'm not totally sure how that affects SEO, but I would assume that plain text is more effective than using an image with alt/title text.

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Holy mackerel dere Andy!


Amazing! I first tried just "text-shadow: (etc)" and in FF it works just dandy (Actually amazingly!)


@Eric those samples are equally amazing. I shall study those further!


In my case the "text-shadow" will work just fine: it will be only an enhancement to an otherwise acceptable design.


Doing a "happy dance" here




Effusive thanks!



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