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im not sure how .htaccess would help. We use our dev servers so we can keep our projects 'live' and the boss man can take a look at projects as progress. I suppose we could keep move them to an internal server but thats another task altogether at the moment, and we've previously purchased domainnames for them.


I think what i've decided to do was add the specific metatags during one of the site setup controllers. (Another reason i love Zend!)




Either that or add to the dev sites robots.txt file. I think something like:


User-agent: *

Disallow: /*


If i do the robots method, i run the risk of the guys overriding the file when committing a new branch to the dev servers. This way would probably quicker and easier if anyone else had this problem with no risk of override. (Anyone know a way to protect the robots.txt file? All our developers have root access.)

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To let Google know that you do not want a page crawled, you can create the following meta tag:




To let all search engine spiders know that you do not want a page crawled, you can create the following meta tag:





Use of nofollow tag-

Applying the rel="nofollow" Attribute:



<a href="http://spammer.example.com/">buy'>http://spammer.example.com/">buy now</a>


changes to:


<a href="http://spammer.example.com/ rel=nofollow">buy now</a>

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Heres what I ended up doing;


In my viewsetup.php i ended up adding the following line:


if (DEV) {
               $this->_view->headMeta()->setName('ROBOTS', 'NOARCHIVE,NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW');



DEV is defined in the bootstrap.php file as anything that resembles development servers. (EX. i use ***dev1.com locally so it would resolve DEV. Also have ***dev2.com dev3com, dev8.com etc on the webhost, so these would also resolve a DEV)


So I'm sure you can see why i didn't want Search engines crawling around dev sites. Robots.txt would be a good a idea if I wasnt ever worried about someone committing over it if they upload or clear our that shared dev environment.

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