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  1. is it possible that from last 3 months not a single person clicked on my links, whereas my links are re-tweeted? i have checked the referring websites section,i didn't find a single visit from twitter to my website.
  2. hi all, Does click from twitter to your website is shown in google analytics?? well i am not getting a single link from twitter in analytic.please help
  3. hello administrators, well i just want to share it, i don't have any intention of sharing it on my name, yeah i accept that i didn't mention the original authors name, i will take care of it.
  4. Just imagine a clean and SEO semantic pixel perfect XHTML coded site highly compliant with W3C standards. But, how to get such a web portal.Below, a set of some useful ways highlighted and discussed in brief through which one can improve functionality and accessibility of his W3C standards-compliant website coded with strong XHTML: XHTML Namespace And Default Language It is quite important that the XHTML namespace as well as default language must included in element of the web page of XHTML websites. In fact, setting default namespace and language is the necessity by W3C standards. Co
  5. if you include your date of birth on your Google profile, you may notice a special treat on the Google homepage on your birthday, which a Special Birthday Logo created by Google. Isn't it exciting? Want to test this feature,login to your gmail profile and click 'edit profile' and select 'contact info' and change your birthday to today's date and save the form.Now your profile page will show the birthday effects. Weblinkindia
  6. It's “platform” or software that allows you to manage the publishing and management of your content and website much more easily.It has been very popular for bloggers and internet marketers out there for it’s simplicity and adaptability for every business and personal need.
  7. The W3C announced that HTML 4 has been reformulated into XHTML 1.0. XHTML is HTML 4 written as an XML application.Comparing HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) and XHTML(Extensible HTML) could be like comparing identical twins since there are only a few minor points which we can actually point out as being different. This is due to the fact that XHTML was derived from HTML just to conform with XML standards.The primary major difference between the two is the relative strictness of XHTML compared to HTML. While someone coding in HTML could get away with some lapses in structure and coding, that is
  8. Hello, You're listing two HTML files but in the second one you're including 2 PHP files. Can you post the contents of each PHP file as the code inside of them might be breaking your HTML page and therefore not displaying the footer. Regards Weblinkindia
  9. hi all, Its being long working www.weblinkindia.net, I want to know does experts have any suggestion for the website??
  10. To let Google know that you do not want a page crawled, you can create the following meta tag: Use of nofollow tag- Applying the rel="nofollow" Attribute:
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