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The Alaskan Lottery, who could have guessed?


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You may have heard this since CNN picked up on it.


Alaska does not have a Lottery, it is not allowed UNLESS the money goes to support a non-profit organization.


So we had a Lottery for $500,000 to support organizations for victims of sexual crimes or some such thing.


So what are the odds that the sole winner is a 2 time convicted sex offender? Talk about a Ooooops moment.


Sex offender wins $500,000 Alaska lottery

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...if the police are after you... people think Alaska is lawless like going out west in the 1800's.


Outside of the cities, is that far from true? Could a person not just "disappear" into the Wilderness up there, given enough cash? The only time you'd have to come back into town is to buy supplies...

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