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I am using ror.xml to feed a php page. It gives an error because of the colons in the script. If I remove the colons it works. I have been deleting these three lines from every entry. It was ok doing it once and adding or deleting a page as and when. Now the site is to undergo massive changes. Is there a way around this?


<ror:updatePeriod />



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I'll try to help, but unfortunately I'm not all that familiar with using a ror.xml file. As far as I know, it's basically a RSS file but with more fields.


A couple points of clarification:


-- In regards to the "it gives an error because of colons in the script" - could you use str_replace() to delete/escape the colons from the script?

-- do the three lines have anything to do with the colon error? If not, why are you removing them?

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Ah, got it. I thought you were meaning colons in the content within the tags, not in the xml tags themselves. You can ignore my advice about deleting/escaping the colons -- that won't work if they are in the tag.


I'm not sure how much more I can help on this... This might help:


http://articles.sitepoint.com/article/xml-namespaces-explained <-- make sure to look at this


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