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CSS on my links works in all browsers but one


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Hello again. I'm still working on my site. So far everything validates and tests correctly in Firefox, IE, and Opera. However the text links in the upper left hand side under the word Products the CSS does not work properly in the Chrome browser?


The text links should change background color and size when hovered over.


Is it a browser behavior difference or am I doing something wrong? By the way if anyone can point me in the right direction on where I can find old browsers for testing purposes and information on browser differences I would appreciate it?


My web site is ww w.hiy gin.com


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Edit this style in styles.css to add display: block;

/* text rollover effect for sidebar1*/
a.rollover:link { display: block; height: 25px;
color: #A68200;
text-decoration: underline;


Your links jump up and down because you have changed the font-size to font-size: larger; for the a.rollover:hover style. If you add a height as above (or delete the font-size: larger) this your links will stay still.


Edit: add a height (as above) to make the darker hover background color show a bit better and delete the <br/><br/> in the html to make the links a bit closer.

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I believe Wickham dealt with this as usual...


Just let me note that there will always be differences in browsers and how they deal with standards. Each is built by different teams with different priorities and different targets and different views. Two browsers that are completely standards compliant may show differences simply because how each team "Understood" the standards which are not always clear cut and how they then put that standard in place.


So if the difference is problematic... say missing link or link over content etc., you need to fix it. But when the differences is just visual, a link a different color or maybe 10 pixels to far left... just leave it, it is that browsers "personality" and that should be fine or we might as well just have one universal browser everyone uses. Don't sweat the small stuff... now duck! M$ IE team is drooling at the idea of one universal IE browser!

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