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Right now my site is hosted by Godaddy. I also use their website tonight package. Maybe not the best choice, but I am new, so cut me some slack.


When I add a link to say FB or Twitter, it opens in the same window. Is there a piece of code to add in somewhere to have that link open in a new window? I have been looking on Godaddy, and so far have not found the answer. And to be honest, their "help" forums are horrible IMO.



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Ok, perhaps I jumped the gun a bit. I found the setting that allows to me set the link to open in a new window.


But I am still curious, if I was not using Godaddy, is there a setting for that? Or does it default that way?

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You need to learn basic HTML and basic CSS ... the primary building blocks of all websites.


So, getting back to your question, to spawn a new window or to have the page load in the same window, is as easy as an ultra-simple bit of HTML code in your links .. something called the 'target' attribute.


You can learn the basics of web design on either my written html tutorial site or through my video tutorial on basic web design. Either way, you will make you life a lot easier.


I hope that helps,



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Basically, to do that, you need to add "target="_blank" to the link code.


So, here's a normal link:


<a href="yourlink.html">Link</a>

and here's the code that will open in a new window:


<a href="yourlink.html" target="_blank">Link</a>

In general though, it's known as bad practice to use this. As a visitor, I don't necessarily want the websites I visit creating new browser windows unless I tell it to (by right clicking and selecting "open in new tab" or similar).

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I couldn't agree more. I am working on learning what I can in the time that I have to do it. In the meantime, I appreciate the responses from the experts here. Sometimes It a clearer answer from the forums, than it is from a book.

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