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Handicapped discrimination comes in all forms...


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Alaska sled dog overcomes missing leg


FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — A young husky named Abner iscompeting in sled dog races just months after losing his rear left leg.


Abner lost the leg in October when he impaled it on a stake in Two Rivers.


Some race organizers have declined to let Abner compete, figuring there's noway a three-legged dog can beat a four-legged one.


But musher Lynn Orbison has been able to enter him three times, and Abner evenwon money in this month's Jeff Studdert Passenger Race in Fairbanks.


Orbison has appealed to the International Sled Dog Racing Association to let handicapped dogs race everywhere.

(Fairbanks Daily News-Miner)



I mean really, if the Vet says he can run, if the Musher is willing to take him, who are the judges to decide if a dog is "Fast enough"? Go for it Abner!

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