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Front-end and server frameworks?


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Hey forum, I've just found you guy's through google.

I want to pose some questions but my description of my position may be off putting to some.

I've just spent six years in jail and a few years before my incarceration I was using Lamp, PHP and JavaScript including Jquery. 

I was attacked, defended myself and the other guy came off worse (he's still alive). Anyhow my point being, i'm not a criminal. However, I've come out after six years and done one year out here just getting re-orientated, now I see multiple frameworks, node, ember, angular, rails etc; What's going on? How do I take my experience of javascript, jQuery,  php , sql and move on? What framework is the easiest for me to migrate to? What is Angular, ember, etc are they script libraries like JQuery? Where do I start, what framework should I use and what's the easiest way for me to get up to scratch on web application development taking my existing skills?   

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