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How to develop a website idea before starting to code?


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Hello Stefan,

What is the workflow and the steps that are done before we even start talking about which tools to use to code everything?

What tools can we use to "play around" with the idea that we have for a website, before we decide what tool (which tools) to use to implement it?

Maybe you can also make a video on your YouTube channel about this. Or have you already done it?

Best regards, Cristiano

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Well, the first thing you do is pick a code editor. It is not that important which one you pick, since you are only learning, but you still have to pick one.

Then once you have some understanding and skill, you will be able to choose which one is best for you. It is a largely a personal taste. VS Code, Sublime Text are two popular choices.



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Hello Stef,

I'm thinking about before any kind of coding.

I just searched with Google and found these pages as examples. I was wondering how you prepare a new website project and which tools you use for that.




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