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(PHP Chapter : Login) "error"


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I'm traveling through chapter LOGIN in PHP, and i'm getting this  ⬇️  error. I copied everything from the source code so there are no spelling mistakes.

Google saying this:   " This error means that within your code, there is a variable or constant that has no value assigned to it. But you may be trying to use the values obtained through the user form in your PHP code."  

Please help!

Notice: Undefined index: isBlock in C:\MAMP\htdocs\logIn.php on line 53

Notice: Undefined index: badUserCredentials in C:\MAMP\htdocs\logIn.php on line 54

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Here it is !  i don't get it, why am i seeing this error



// using the querystring to send messages back to this login page.

$isBlock =  $_GET["isBlock"];          line 53 ---------------------
$badUserCredentials = $_GET["badUserCredentials"];    line 54--------------------

if(isset($isBlock)) {

  echo "<h2>Ah, ah, aaaaah ... you need to log in buddy!</h2>";
  echo "<script>document.getElementById('username').focus();</script>";

} else if($badUserCredentials) {

  echo "<h2>User name OR password is wrong buddy!</h2>";
  echo "<script>document.getElementById('username').focus();</script>";






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