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Hello :) Dreamweaver CS6 Problem

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Hello - so happy to have found this site.
I am currently learning to use Dreamweaver CS6.
It is mostly fun but having some problems.

I'm not sure if I should ask for help here or not.
I will ask here and move to a different area if directed to.

My problem is:

I am making a fluid grid page and in each div that contains text, I am trying to set up the padding with 40 px each side | 10 top and bottom

I've made a new CSS style - Compound >In this document.
Then I put in the padding values > OK

The padding worked left, top and bottom but the right hand side of the div has overshot the main container.

So the text looks right with a 40px padding on right with full screen, but tablet and mobile view hastext that has run off the page.
I've attached the mobile view in browser test and you can see the problem.

I haven't changed values for width etc as did that before and div became too small and uneditable.

Looking forward to any help. It's so frustrating when something lime this happens and it is probably a simple fix.

Thanks for letting me join and looking forward to reading your posts on all the forums



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4 hours ago, JoJoZep said:

I am currently learning to use Dreamweaver CS6.

You are probably best to upgrade because CS6 is a really old version and it not writing the best code for today. This will likely lead to problems.

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  • administrator changed the title to Hello :) Dreamweaver CS6 Problem

Thank you Stefan. Yes I plan to subscribe to DW CC if I like DW. Just playing around to see what I can create at this stage and whether I like DW. So many people just using  squarespace, wordpress or similar today. I want to try DW first as people say that it is old school to use DW. But I like that there is the choice to create my own design, while learning.
Just so many little things that would be easily fixed if I was an experienced user.

Meanwhile, I really want to solve the problem I have. It is likely a simple answer.
Not going to subscribe to DW CC if it is this problematic to use. Such an unexpected problem to have occurred.
Wordpress would be easier for me maybe.



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