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Help! Trouble getting CSS to work with hosting account!

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I am new to web design and i've been building a site for a company and am trying to upload my site with godaddy. I've uploaded the site but it seems like none of the CSS has been loaded with it. I uploaded the index file and all other pages along with the css style sheet and images but when I view my uploaded site it appears plain and very different then when i preview it in safari in dreamweaver. Anyone have any suggestions or know what I am doing wrong?

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The usual reason is that the path to the css file is not the same as it is on your computer.


Check your own folder system first; is the css file in the same folder as the html file, a lower folder or the folder above?


Look at the directory structure in your host's server, check that it has been uploaded and see where the css file is and move it up or down one level if required.


In your html file

is for a css file in the same folder/directory

is for a css file in a (lower) sub-directory called css

is for a css file in the folder'directory above the one holding the html file.


If it works on your own computer you should'nt need to change the above, just look at it and make sure the host's structure is the same.

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Thank you very much for helping me out. I looked at my html file and my layout.css file is in a (lower) sub-directory called css. Now when you say I need to move it up or down one level, do I need to create a new directory folder in godaddy to do that? I'm just not certain. Are you familiar with godaddy?

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do I need to create a new directory folder in godaddy to do that?


If your css file is in a sub-folder on your computer called css, and works in the web page on your computer, then you have to create a sub-directory in Godaddy called css and put layout.css inside it.


Leave codes the same if the css file works on your computer.

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Alright! It worked! Thank you so much! I have one more question if you would be so very kind. The only thing that I can't get to work now is a short flash video that appears on one of my pages within the site. I have the swf file in the html file and it's the same on my computer as it is in godaddy. Do I need to put the html file and the swf file in a seperate folder? Or how does that work?

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Always create the directory structure on your host's server identical with the folder structure on your computer.


Flash files can go in any folder/directory as long as the structure is the same in both places.


Most people create separate folders and directories for images and css files but if you only have one flash file, put it in the same folder/directory as the html file. Then you don't have to worry about the path.


(thats just part of the code for flash)

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Hmm yeah I think the swf file is loaded correctly as far as I can tell and my files are all lower case. I'll explain further what I'm trying to do. The flash that I'm placing on one of my pages shows three membership cards and they are buttons. When I created the buttons in flash I made them so that when you click on them you are directed to a different page of the site (each card or button brings you to a different page containing more info about that particular membership). Now when I first tried to make it so that these buttons would work and I tested my movie and clicked on the buttons I got a message saying that "Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation. The following local application on your computer: myfile/myfile/etc is trying to communicate with this internet-enabled location: www.mysite.com - To let this application communicate with the Internet, click settings. You must restart this application after changing your settings." I click on settings and it brings me to "Flash Player Help" "Global security settings for content creators" I went through all the steps and when I test the movie in flash the buttons all work and bring me to the correct pages. The flash buttons show up when I test my site in dreamweaver so i'm assuming that I'm doing something wrong on godaddy but i've tried everything you have said and experimented myself as well. I created my own directory called flash and put it in there, i've just simply put it in the html directory, But nothing seems to work. Because my flash video is supposed to appear on one of my pages I don't have to put that particular page and the swf file in a separate directory do I? Boy this stuff can be frustrating but it's so interesting :)

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I'm confused about what you've got. If you've got it working in DW then it still sounds like a path problem, not a godaddy setting problem. This is what I would do:-


On your computer in DW:-

website folder (equivalent to the root public/html directory on your host's server)

sub-folder called say website1 with html and php files

sub-sub-folder called flash with flash1.swf file (flash file with buttons)


On your hosts's server godaddy

root public/html directory

sub-directory called website1 with html and php files

sub-sub-directory called flash with flash1.swf file


links to the flash file with buttons from the main html or php file should be flash/flash1.swf

and links from the buttons in the flash file with buttons to other main files in the folder directory website1 above should be ../newpage.html or to an absolute url http://w ww etc.

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