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  1. So when you say make a HTML version do you mean design an entirely new site separate from the flash site I have now?
  2. I've put together a website using flash entirely. I've been researching how to get my site on google and i've been finding that flash sites are much harder to get noticed. does anyone have any solutions to this problem?
  3. Well I have to work with actionscript 2.0 in flash. I have them matched up identically but I must have to do something else as well.
  4. "; $content .= "Name: " . $your_name . " "; $content .= "E-mail: " . $your_email . " "; $content .= $your_message; $content .= "
  5. I've recently purchased a template from templatesfactroy.net and i'm trying to get my contact form to work. I went through their tutorial and have gotten to the point where I can fill out the form and submit the information. But when the e-mail is received, I see no information. "Just Name:" and "Email:". Does anyone understand what I am doing wrong here?
  6. Hmm yeah I think the swf file is loaded correctly as far as I can tell and my files are all lower case. I'll explain further what I'm trying to do. The flash that I'm placing on one of my pages shows three membership cards and they are buttons. When I created the buttons in flash I made them so that when you click on them you are directed to a different page of the site (each card or button brings you to a different page containing more info about that particular membership). Now when I first tried to make it so that these buttons would work and I tested my movie and clicked on the buttons
  7. Hmmm I've done that exactly and the flash just doesn't want to show up on the site. Is there anything else that I could be doing wrong?
  8. Alright! It worked! Thank you so much! I have one more question if you would be so very kind. The only thing that I can't get to work now is a short flash video that appears on one of my pages within the site. I have the swf file in the html file and it's the same on my computer as it is in godaddy. Do I need to put the html file and the swf file in a seperate folder? Or how does that work?
  9. Thank you very much for helping me out. I looked at my html file and my layout.css file is in a (lower) sub-directory called css. Now when you say I need to move it up or down one level, do I need to create a new directory folder in godaddy to do that? I'm just not certain. Are you familiar with godaddy?
  10. I am new to web design and i've been building a site for a company and am trying to upload my site with godaddy. I've uploaded the site but it seems like none of the CSS has been loaded with it. I uploaded the index file and all other pages along with the css style sheet and images but when I view my uploaded site it appears plain and very different then when i preview it in safari in dreamweaver. Anyone have any suggestions or know what I am doing wrong?
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