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Personally I don't like the orange headers or the blue links, the colours are not harmonious. I also think it is better in a portfolio to show your best pieces, not everything you have done from the beginning. And boy, do I hate having to scroll.... :/

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The design seems more like a gaming site to me, kind of futuristic tech or something, but not ugly. And I definitely agree with Lynne, the page is WAAAAY too long. I'd cut it down to one thumbnail per site, and let that lead to another page with all the info. Besides, those thumbnails are clickable, but one would never know - my cursor doesn't change. Had I not seen the 'onclicks' in the source code, I would have never even tried to click.


And in the window that opens, instead of having to write "click to close" - an x in the upper corner would have been sufficient.

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