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I seem to be in catch 22


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Hi again, being a complete noob to website design i feel i have fallen into dead end with my web site,

I know it's not much of a site but i have been improving it, but it's the old story of updating new contents and trying to get some good free links ( and i have tried dozens) but they all end up being one way links. .So i don't won't to waist any more time adding contents if the site isn't getting any hits. just 1 hit a week would help motivate me lol. So i think what i'm asking,

Is running a very small site like mine mean burning the candle at both ends pushing the site where ever i can like facebook

writing blogs, and so on to get it seen.

Allso while your there can you recommended a free forum page i could add, maybe that would help get some interest and a media site where i can upload some videos for my site (i did have bits on the run ) but my free trial has run out.

thank you all very much


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well, it is a main problem for any website creator ( or its owner) - how to get ( often any) visitors.


You didnt mention what your website is about but anyway a few tips:

  • Good written content is important - if you feel you are not getting any response on it - it does mean some fresh ideas in your content are needed ( you can try to do some research on similar websites on it to see what your competitors are into)
  • Now about how your website is coded - is it written with semantically correct HTML( meaning: is it SEO friendly and accessible?)
  • How you promote your website - is there a link to it in your local phone directories, newspapers, bulletine boards or on your IM as one of your contact information info?; when you post in blogs or in forums (not here!) on your subject, do you give a link to your website as an addition source of information?
  • have you got RSS to which your visitors can subscribe to?
  • You can use YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and other social networking to promote your website ( by the way you can upload your video on You Tube and some other podcast(videocast) networks)
  • There are few more tips I'm sure this list could be continued...

For example, check these predictions for 2009 web design, may be you'll find the way to jump into mainstream:


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Assuming that http://ga mes nav.com/ [remove spaces] is your website...


I think the main thing is that you have no content on your site. Your page is basically all ads, with the exception of links to outside videos and a couple "news" articles that are basically more ads. As a visitor, I'm not super excited about visiting a site with this little content and so many ads. I'm not a fan of ads, and if I have to view them, there had better be some quality content for me to look at. Ads are fine -- many sites have them -- just build up a user base first of people who view your site, and don't make them obnoxious. Besides the ad issue, my initial thought as a visitor is that the site doesn't feel feel all that professional, nor does it look like it is updated very often, so I probably wouldn't return.


-- Your first step would probably be to reduce the number of ads on the site, and work on some revisions to the site design to make it feel a bit more professional. You site is much too wide -- I use quite a high resolution, and it forces even me to scroll. I'd highly suggest making sure that the site fits on a 1024x768 monitor.


-- Take a look at your code -- you have a lot of errors, and fixing those may reduce confusion for search engine spiders and result in higher search engine rankings.


-- Once you have a strong basis in design, start working on adding content to your site. And I'm not talking about copying and pasting from other sites either -- actually sit down and write your own content, and expand the site beyond the one page.


-- Since there are a lot of game sites out there, your best bet may be to find something to specialize in. Perhaps one specific genre of games. With such a broad scope, you then have competition like GameSpot and IGN, and I'm sorry, but I don't think you can win that one.

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Thanks again for your advise and you are more than right about the site i hate it every time i look at it,

so i'm starting all over again dropping a lot of the ads redesign the hole thing with my own contents, it may take some

time as the programs are still very new to me (expression web and expression design) i'm learning as i go in my spare time.

Can you recommended a free forum page i could add to my site so i can have some topics about gaming maybe people can have there contents added to the site, it'll help me keep up to date with the gaming world and so on.

I,m also going to have some game trailers on another page, i have been playing around with Divx haven't quite got

it working properly yet, got the code embedded on my mock up webpage and the players there but no video source, still that can come later.

thank you all for your help, see you in about a month lol


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