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  1. Thanks again for your advise and you are more than right about the site i hate it every time i look at it, so i'm starting all over again dropping a lot of the ads redesign the hole thing with my own contents, it may take some time as the programs are still very new to me (expression web and expression design) i'm learning as i go in my spare time. Can you recommended a free forum page i could add to my site so i can have some topics about gaming maybe people can have there contents added to the site, it'll help me keep up to date with the gaming world and so on. I,m also going to have some game trailers on another page, i have been playing around with Divx haven't quite got it working properly yet, got the code embedded on my mock up webpage and the players there but no video source, still that can come later. thank you all for your help, see you in about a month lol Zakytrex
  2. Hi again, being a complete noob to website design i feel i have fallen into dead end with my web site, I know it's not much of a site but i have been improving it, but it's the old story of updating new contents and trying to get some good free links ( and i have tried dozens) but they all end up being one way links. .So i don't won't to waist any more time adding contents if the site isn't getting any hits. just 1 hit a week would help motivate me lol. So i think what i'm asking, Is running a very small site like mine mean burning the candle at both ends pushing the site where ever i can like facebook writing blogs, and so on to get it seen. Allso while your there can you recommended a free forum page i could add, maybe that would help get some interest and a media site where i can upload some videos for my site (i did have bits on the run ) but my free trial has run out. thank you all very much zaktrex
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