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A New Free Monitoring Tool to Measure Your Dark Web Exposure



This week, over 26 million user records, including plaintext passwords, stolen from LiveJournal appeared on a Dark Web marketplace for as low as $35. The present week is likewise sadly marked with a compromise of 31 SQL databases (with 1.6 million rows of client data) from webshop owners.

There were 7,098 breaches reported in 2019, exposing over 15.1 billion records, a new worst year on record according to Risk Based Security report. Over 80% of data breaches within the hacking category involve usage of lost or stolen credentials, says the Data Breach Investigations Report 2020 by Verizon.

While over 21 million of stolen login credentials from Fortune 500 companies were readily available for sale in the Dark Web, according to ImmuniWeb report from 2019.


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