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Client based and Server based solutions?


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Hi, can somene hel me answer this?


given the following:


A qestionnaire where all 20 questions must be answered, whre:

Some answers are from given range, and other one word answers.

Name and contact details of the person comleting the questionnaire.


how would the above information be collcted and passed to a server??


and what are the client based, and sever based solutins for this??


please help me guys

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The actual form collection/processing would need to be done on the server side, with PHP/ASP.NET, etc. The form validation could be done with either Javascript (client side) or PHP (server side) but Javascript could be turned off by the user, so it is less secure.


There are a variety of free services that might help you:




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I am not actually making this web page, but i have a past exam paper that im trying to anwer, the question is:


A web based system is required for the processing of a questionnaire. The information to be gathered includes:

? Answers to 20 questions. Some will involve selecting an answer from a given range, others will involve single

answers. All questions must be answered

? Writing a short ?tie breaker? answer, that could be up to 200 words.

? Name and other contact details of the person completing the questionnaire.


In what ways could the information be collected and passed to the server?

Compare and contrast a client based solution and a server based solution.



how would i answer this? can somene help me?


It's basically the same question as you were asking in your first post in this thread, so I moved it here and deleted the other so it will be easier to follow.

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can you have a look at my other post and answer it ther? i need help answering this question, its from a past exam paper uim trying to do... how would i answer it in an exam?


I'm not exactly sure. Assuming this is part of a class, I'd usually look at my notes for clues to what my professor was expecting -- it should have been covered by the class and would be included in your reading materials.


In my opinion, I'm not sure there is a client side solution for this -- at least, not for the capturing/processing aspects of the form. As I said, Javascript could be used to help out with validation, but could be turned off. I'm not sure if AJAX should be included in your answer or not -- I'm not familiar with it enough to know whether it can actually be used to process the form, or if AJAX would just be used to capture the fact that the form was submitted and pass it to a server side processing language.

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hw would i answer it to get full marks?


I'm sorry, but I am not part of your class and I don't know what your professor covered. The answer should be in your notes and course materials. I can provide a direction for you, as I have attempted to do, but the whole point of an exam is to test your knowledge of the covered course materials. Finding others to give you the answers seems to defeat the point of taking the course in the first place.

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