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  1. thanks, would like to see what other people think? which slutions are the best? and how would you go about them
  2. so client side cnfiguratin using javascript, and CSS depending on device? cool, so what do other people think? regards to the topic?
  3. hi, can some one give me some advice as to how i can make a working website, similar to sites such as ebay, amazon etc into a small screen? so it can be accessed witha mobile phone or PDA? make a whole new wap site? or configure existing site so it works elsewhere? some advice please ? how can and would i do this?
  4. I want to use embedded javascript to validate a field in my form, where the user will enter a number, i dont want it to have anything else other than numbers in that field. ive looked at some examles but i cant seem to figure it out. can sumene lease help me out?
  5. so Browser detection is written in web programming languages? to determinte which style sheets to use? what other ways can you determine appaerance of web pages? in terms of style sheets?
  6. hey guys can you tell me what are the good and bad points for 'browser detection' and 'Style sheets' in regards to formatting appearance of web pages? thanks guys
  7. thats the problem i cant seem to find any material pointing this out... What abut, how the form data will be sent t the server fro processing? hw would that happen? like what methods and why? could you hel me with this?
  8. can you have a look at my other post and answer it ther? i need help answering this question, its from a past exam paper uim trying to do... how would i answer it in an exam?
  9. Hi, can somene hel me answer this? given the following: A qestionnaire where all 20 questions must be answered, whre: Some answers are from given range, and other one word answers. Name and contact details of the person comleting the questionnaire. how would the above information be collcted and passed to a server?? and what are the client based, and sever based solutins for this?? please help me guys
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