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How do I center an object inside another object?


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I know how to center items on the page as a whole, but how do I center an object inside a box I drew (as an example)? When I do the Select All, and then use the Move tool to center the item horizontally, it gets centered on the whole page and not inside the element which contains it.


I hope this makes sense... :/

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To center an element inside another:

-- Each element has to be on their own layers

-- Select both layers in the Layer Palette

-- Select the move tool

-- Options for the move tool should appear in a toolbar at the top of the screen, just below the file menu

----- There should be several buttons to the right of a "show transform controls" checkbox, in sets of three

----- click the middle buttons in the first two sets of three buttons -- "align vertical centers" and "align horizontal centers"


Hopefully that helps...?

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