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What should i do next?


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I just finished studioWeb JavaScript course and so far its been a great experience, really good course and easy to follow but i dont feel ready to jump to PHP , i feel like i need to learn more JavaScript what you suggest me to do,  i want to learn more JS but I don't know exactly what to learn , should i learn more vanilla JS or start learning a framework lile vue or react.



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I really like PHP and backend developing i think i am not a good desiger so more like a backend guy but i think i should know the basics of front end and learning a framework nowadays seems like a must this is the reason why i want to learn more of JS.  Im thinking of following this path...spend some hours on vue and maybe the jQuery course (provided by your course on the project panel) just to understand JS more and to know what can i do with them and go deeper if i need them on future. Than im definitely moving to PHP.


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