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Please review our site!!!!!

Guest discover3

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Guest discover3

Hi everyone !

Please review -.I've just set up my new tour site and wanted to know your opinion about it.It is the only independent tour company that offers Jewell Gardens and the Days of ?98 Show with the White Pass Summit.

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It looks nice overall. A bit too much motion going on for me. The moving grass effect is cool and subtle, but then you also have the moving waterfall AND the flip pictures. I'd drop the middle one.


I find there's too much white-space on the sub-pages by the navigation.


There are a few validation errors - and you're misusing tables for layout.

s and  s are not meant to be used to create space - that's what margins and padding are for


On the index page, the text runs too close to the right side - a bit of space there would be good.


On the Testimonial page, I think it would be better if the space between 'Hi' and the testimonial were less that the space above the 'Hi' to better define where one individual testimonials ends and the next one begins.


The BBB image seems a bit too 'in your face'.


But in generally, a nice-looking site - if it weren't for those tables.

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