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Why parallax scrolling needs to die


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Remember about five years ago, when the new hotness in interaction design was to have flashy layers in your website scroll at different speeds, creating a faux-3D effect? The effect was called parallax scrolling, and it’s still easy to find across the web.
According to the usability nerds at the Norman/Nielsen Group, parallax scrolling never really went away–it just got more subtle. Take Apple’s iPad Pro site: It scrolls horizontally instead of vertically, but the visual elements still slide around at different speeds like the background of a retro video game. That’s a shame, because as Norman/Nielsen researcher Katie Sherwin explains, this newer, subtler parallax effect still has all the same UX problems as the older, more obnoxious kind. All too often, it can cause pages to load slower, or it creates nonsensical interactions.



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