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How can I effectively learn web technologies ?


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Hello. This is my first time to post in this forum and I am learning web technology.

I have some questions . After learning the basic of HTML , CSS , JS by book , what's next ? Actually, I want to do a modern website like this  ###. However , I am not sure :

1. Can I model its design ? As I know that some of the content are actually retrieved from database using MySQL. 

2. Can I download its JS and PHP code for learning purpose  ?

I want to learn modern web design but I am struggling what is the effective ways to learn this kind of technologies . Can someone give me suggestions ? It would be greatly appreciated if someone can guide me the process for learning web development.

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Nothing to stop you creating a similar design. You might know that the data is from a datasource I doubt you can be 100% sure it's mysql. You could download and JS to try and learn from it but you will not be able to download the PHP. 


My suggestion would be check out the site with developer tools, then pick a section say the header and try to recreate it. Hope that helps

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Understand the full stack the tools that front end developers use every day, from HTML to React, plus server side back-end JavaScript libraries with Express.js. and this  web technologies cover all most 90% in this web technologies have vast field and a  can’t learn all that web technologies  so,  choose where you want to move web technologies, whether in



 you can go for basic leaning and can visit website like w3school that’s a free website where you can easily find good content for beginner level

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