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Determination criteria for you when choosing to buy dishwasher faucet
On the market today there are countless models of dishwashing hoses with many different features, so consumers who buy the majority of goods are very confused and wondering if they should choose to buy a washing machine like How is quality, is suitable for me. Kitchen sinks are used very often in daily life, so choose the appropriate dishwasher faucet around the kitchen to create the necessary harmony and usefulness. So, should there be criteria to choose the dishwasher so that you can buy products effectively, we will help you.
Some criteria help you buy the appropriate dishwasher

1. Determine usage needs
You need to determine how your family needs to use before deciding to buy a dishwasher. This is very important because buying a dishwasher to meet your needs will help you save money and serve you better.

First you need to plan your family's need for a dishwasher that integrates two hot-cold modes, a wall-mounted wall or a sink, or you need a cold-wash bowl, taps i.

See more at: https://flipboard.com/@bestbrasski17ou/best-brass-kitchen-faucet-k2ojslpiy

- Wall-mounted dishwashing faucet: depending on the installation to distinguish different types of dishwashers (wall-mounted cold water washers (1 inlet water), hot and cold wash bowl with wall (2 inlets) ), a set of products including hoses and associated gaskets). The majority of wall-mount faucets do not have a hot and cold function.

 - Dishwashing basin with pots: there are 2 types - cold or hot, cold only 1 wire attached to the wall, and the hot and cold tap will have 2 level wires attached to the wall, when buying we just need to look at wire level to distinguish these two types of hose. A conventional dishwashing faucet means that there is no hot and cold function, only one wire is attached to the wall and the hot water tap has two wires. More advanced is a 3-way dishwasher faucet - with inputs for water purifiers and high-end goods.

- Hard nozzle and soft hose:

+ Hard bowl washing basin (hard) - very durable, narrow water discharge area

+ Soft hose (soft need) is preferred by many people because of its flexible and convenient mobility, but it is also more easily damaged than hardened hose.
2. Washer material
Material: dishwashing faucets can be made from many different materials such as:

+ Dishwashing faucet with solid stainless steel, stainless steel plating

+ Tap to clean stainless steel bowl, scratch, stainless

+ Copper core washing basin (Cu), plated with stainless steel crome

+ ABS plastic wash basin is hard, durable and light

In particular, all kinds of taps are made from high-grade stainless steel 304 and hard brass is appreciated more, because with high quality copper or stainless steel material, the washing hose will not be rusty, durable, capable anti-dirt, clean, help the hose always keep shiny and luxurious in a long time, many styles to choose from.
3. The ability to rotate of the tap
  Wash hose can rotate, easy adjustment is necessary for the sink. Various types of dishwashers with flexible swivel design, and the ability to adjust flow flow accurately will give users a sense of convenience during use. Fixers are only suitable for small sinks. And faucets that can rotate 90 °, 180 ° or even 360 ° are suitable for large sinks (double sinks, sinks 3).

See more at: https://www.quora.com/unanswered/Zox-SUS4651-wall-mounted-hot-and-cold-wash-basin-Zento-SUS4651-304-stainless-steel-material-durable-not-rusty
4. Nozzle head filter
The air-jet-bubbling grid helps to prevent splashing in the washing process, the pressure of water spraying from the top of the dishwasher nozzle will help users to drain dirt on vegetables, often with these types of washers installed. with the sink.

In addition, when you want to save, you can add a filter to the regulator head to reduce about 50% of water consumption. When strong water is needed, remove the filter, the water will return as quickly as normal. Not only that, high-quality water filters have 3, 4 filter levels, but also can remove harmful substances, chlorine, heavy metals in the water.


5. Height of hose
Kitchen washers have a wide variety of design sizes depending on the needs of use, the types of castings are often more durable and have luxurious beauty, but do not change the height.

If you often use a hose to wash large or high-sized objects such as vases, bottles, etc., you should consult a hose high enough or change the height flexibly.


6. Brand
You should buy washing hoses of reputable brands in the market. Some brands can be mentioned: teka washers, malloca washing hoses, nodor washers, giovani washers, skyland wash faucets (Eurosun) .....
7. Financial ability
When choosing to buy dishwashers, you should choose the type of washing hoses that have features that are suitable for your family's usage habits, with good quality to minimize spoilage and water leakage after a long time of use, set Smart design, no need to be too sophisticated, it should be based on the cost you can invest to buy. If you have enough budget, choose a hot and cold water faucet, that is, a faucet that integrates both cold and hot water pipes, has an automatic mode and can be a 3-way water tap. On the other hand, if you don't have the budget, choose a cold-water tap, which will certainly cost less than a two-way or more faucet. Most importantly, when you choose to buy a washbasin, the price must match the economic condition of your family.

See more at:https://www.instagram.com/hiennhan12/

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