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First 2-3 free projects - How to get client to pay for hosting / domain registration




I'm about to start freelancing. I'm full stack, so I know python, django, html, css, svg, javascript, animations, art, and linux. I already have a nice website with a bunch of apps with advanced functions. I'd say it really pops. I use Digital Ocean to host it.

Today I got someone who is interested. I haven't mentioned I'd do it for free yet, but depending on the size, I might. I sent them the project assessment today. I'm gonna see how things go, and might just charge lower than I hope, instead of going free.

If I do it for free, and all they want is a single web page, with say, an email sign up app...

  1. Does anyone have an idea on how I'd tell them in a nice way "You have to pay for your Digital Ocean server ($5/month), and domain name ($~10/yr)" ...??? Because I don't want to pay for that.
  2. Also, how I'd go about logging into their DO account from there, with their username / password. I know how to login to my DO account, but it looks real fishy that I'd be telling someone who has never met me, to pay money on those things, so they can give control of their account to me, possibly with their credit card number saved in it... If there is some way I can use my existing account, get them to pay me $5 by paypal, make a new VPS, then transfer ownership of that VPS to a future DO account they make when the project is done, that'd be much easier.

If anyone has any suggestions / insight on this, I'd love to hear.


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Just tell them what the cost is and reference the website. If they are in business, they must know they have to spend some money. They are not students eating ramen noodles. 

Sure. Just be up front ... tell them that you want to create a DO account to produce the work, so they can keep their server information private for now. At one point, the code you write will have to be uploaded to their account. That said, once you get to that point, you should have established some trust.


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