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Tempted to let your old domain lapse? Read this first…


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Tempted to let your old domain lapse? Read this first…



Technically, you never actually own a domain name outright; you only ever lease it. So if it doesn’t get renewed, a domain name eventually ends up back on a domain registry database. From here, it can be passed on to a reseller - and can ultimately end up in the hands of a completely new user.

For IT managers, renewal of active domains is a routine admin matter. And in fact, most resellers enable you to set up an auto-renew arrangement so there’s no action required at your end. Even after the expiry date has passed, all major registries give you plenty of prompts and a generous grace period to re-register.

So it’s practically impossible to let a domain name expire ‘by mistake’. For it to fall out of your control, there has to be a conscious decision on your part not to renew it.

StationX offers some excellent training courses.

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