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From today, Google Chrome starts marking all non-HTTPS sites 'Not Secure'


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From today, Google Chrome starts marking all non-HTTPS sites 'Not Secure'



Starting today with the release of Chrome 68, Google Chrome prominently marks all non-HTTPS websites as 'Not Secure' in its years-long effort to make the web a more secure place for Internet users.

So if you are still running an insecure HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) website, many of your visitors might already be greeted with a 'Not Secure' message on their Google Chrome browser warning them that they can't trust your website to be secure.

By displaying 'Not Secure,' Google Chrome means that your connection is not secure because there is no SSL Certificate to encrypt your connection between your computer and the website's server.

So, anything sent over a non-HTTPS connection is in plain text, like your password or payment card information, allowing attackers to snoop or tamper with your data.

The non-https connection has been considered dangerous particularly for web pages that transfer sensitive information—like login pages and payment forms—as it could allow a man-in-the-middle attacker to intercept passwords, login session, cookies and credit card details as they travel across the network.

NOTE: There are browser plugins that will force only HTTPS connections where possible by default. Good safety tool to add.

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The browser community is not messing around when it comes to pushing for universal encryption. Google wants the entire web to encrypt. Its a matter of basic safety at a point. If we encrypt our communication we eliminate opportunities for cyber attacks. With the release of Chrome 68, they are penalizing websites that are still served via HTTP.  Google gives up to a 5% search ranking boost to website with SSL.

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