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Multiple ID's in Div Tag

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Hi!  First post on this site.  I finished the HTML course and just finished the CSS course a few days ago.  I'm taking a few week off before I start javascript to practice HTML and CSS.  So, here is what I want to know: 

I have an id called #main and an id called #css-table.  

Is there a way to put both of those in one div like <div id="main" "css-table">  or would <div id="main" id="css-table"> work?  I was playing around with both and could not get either one to work. 


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There are few ways to handle this. First rule, you can't apply two IDs to a tag. IDs have to be unique. 

So I would use one ID to apply all your CSS to the tag in question. Or a class if you plan on using the CSS rules more than once in a page. 

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