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Making your Business Official with Incorporation

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As I continue to do research, I am realizing it very wise and professional to set up a business entity for my Freelancing projects. I am looking into filing an LLC. I wanted to know any seasoned freelancer veterans perspective and input on this: Things to consider, legalities etc.

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With freelancing web developer, chances of liability are very, very little. It's not like someone can trip over your website and break their foot. That said, be sure to have a good standard contract that you use to avoid clients being able to come back at you after the job is done. 

... Basically, you need them to sign off and absolve you of further work once complete. 

I would consult with local accountant though and they should be able to tell you when it makes sense to create an LLC. LLC's are more expensive to setup than a sole proprietorship and the accounting cost are higher. Where I am in Canada, setting up a corporation makes sense when you are making more than $60k profit ... mainly for tax reasons.

... A local accountant should tell you how that figures where you are. 


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You are starting your business at the incorporate level you have to remember things like:

Step 1: Comply With Licensing and Zoning Laws.

Step 2: Conduct a Business Name Search. 

Step 3: Name a Registered Agent. 

Step 4: Draft Articles of Incorporation. 

Step 5: File Articles of Incorporation With the State. 

Step 6: Write up Corporate Bylaws.

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