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I am doing the Python course.  At the end of video 7 it says the next part is the test and quiz.


Where do I locate this?  I did find a .py file that says " 7. Variables" but I don't see questions or it asking me to write any code.

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Hello Stefan. Greetings from Tasmania. Same as others above. I have already sent email. :) Please note email was from my gmail, the email associated with purchase was my hotmail however, I mentioned that in the gmail email though. (That doesn't read to well but it will make sense when you see your email) . I am liking what I have seen so far.This is off topic now but I am getting quite excited at future possibilities once I know what I am doing. I am disabled and I can really see how its possible for me to develop my own physical control systems that will give me more independence and more to the point completely customisable solutions for others.

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