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JavaScript Loops


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I have two question about JS loops. Its about while loops.

1)if we type this line of code

                        target.innerHTML = "LoopCount: " + loopCount + "<br>" + target.innerHTML;

why does it write from lowest number to highest like this?

LoopCount: 1
LoopCount: 2
LoopCount: 3
LoopCount: 4
LoopCount: 5

The function tells that starting loop is 5,we are targeting empty paragraph with id "target", then writting into it some text and saying that we want to see current loop number, which is 5 at the beginning , then we are substracting 1 from it(decrementing), and repeating, writing and so on again, so why doesnt it goes backward, 5,4,3,2,1? Why the first number is 1 when the starting was 5? My logic tells me if you start with 5, then print current number and then decrement it, and repeat it again all over , it should go in 5,4,3,2,1 order. 

function doItAgain(message) {

                var loopCount = 5;

                while(loopCount > 0) {

                        var target = document.getElementById("target");
                        target.innerHTML = "LoopCount: " + loopCount + "<br>" + target.innerHTML;
                        console.log("LoopCount is now: " + loopCount);
                        loopCount = loopCount -1;

                console.log("End loop");
                var button = document.getElementById("looper");
                button.value ="Done looping!";

2) if we look at opposite case and write 

target.innerHTML = "target.innerHTML + "LoopCount: " + loopCount + "<br>" ;

then it writes 

LoopCount: 5
LoopCount: 4
LoopCount: 3
LoopCount: 2
LoopCount: 1

But if we look the order into syntax, shouldnt it write this?

5 LoopCount: 

4 LoopCount:

and so on....

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