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Hi Stef,

I just purchased the web development course and was wondering if there is any option to watch the videos thru the platform offline, or if there is a way to download the videos to watch them while I have no internet connection,


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Bonjour Stefan,

Je serais aussi intéressé à suivre mes cours de StudioWeb en offline. Je t'envoie un email de suite. 

I didn't start but I have a question before starting.

I didn't understand the differences between the 2 websites: projects.studioweb.com and sw3.htmlnirvana.com ?  One is for the teaching lessons and the other only for exercices with points for the record ? Is that right ?

Avez-vous aussi un cours sur le freelancing ?

Thx for your help and ... bonne journée.

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StudioWeb (htmlnirvana) is for the foundation training and it is interactive with quizzing. 

The projects is just the icing on the cake ... if you will. It is just takes you to the next step in certain areas. The biggest value is in the interactive training. 

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Hello Stefan, Thanks for your quick answer. CONCRETELY what do you mean with "the interactive training". I understand the expression but not the WHO this interactive training can concretely take place in "the projects" ... Do you mean "the concret realisation of projects" ? Greetings from Europe. StefanLRM

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On 6/13/2018 at 5:15 PM, StefanLRM said:

CONCRETELY what do you mean with "the interactive training"

That is the StudioWeb quizzing component. So you watch a video and then get quizzed, get instant feedback, ask for hints, get scored. 


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