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    Offline access to the course

    Hello Stefan, Thanks for your quick answer. CONCRETELY what do you mean with "the interactive training". I understand the expression but not the WHO this interactive training can concretely take place in "the projects" ... Do you mean "the concret realisation of projects" ? Greetings from Europe. StefanLRM
  2. StefanLRM

    Offline access to the course

    Bonjour Stefan, Je serais aussi intéressé à suivre mes cours de StudioWeb en offline. Je t'envoie un email de suite. I didn't start but I have a question before starting. I didn't understand the differences between the 2 websites: projects.studioweb.com and sw3.htmlnirvana.com ? One is for the teaching lessons and the other only for exercices with points for the record ? Is that right ? Avez-vous aussi un cours sur le freelancing ? Thx for your help and ... bonne journée.